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Welcome to the HUR Soft ReLaunch!

Posted on March 18 2019

Welcome to Hear Us Roar! We're glad you're here!

Why a 'soft' relaunch? Simple - we pared down the products we offered on
the old site and are only focusing on t shirts and hoodies for now. We plan to
add new & different types of items in the near future, so stay tuned!

We've spent some time retooling our branding and messaging and have
decided to put more emphasis on positive messaging meant to lift up and
empower women and allies. Hear Us Roar wants to become an important part
of the current women's wave and help propel more women to the forefront.

As it states on our About Us page, Hear Us Roar is women-owned and
operated. We feel it's important to point this out so that our customers
and patrons know they're supporting a woman-owned business and that we
share the sensitivity that sometimes comes along with women's issues and experiences.

Hear Us Roar intends to keep up the momentum of putting women's rights
issues in the foreground, cheering on those who are running for office,
and empowering every woman to be the bad ass strong warrior she knows she is.

Be heard, roar loud!



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