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Women's History Month is Here!

Posted on March 18 2019

From the suffragettes who fought for our right to vote to women like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez who is killing it in congress, Women's History Month is a time for us all to reflect on how far we've come as half the population of the USA and to look forward at how much more we need to do.

Hear Us Roar absolutely believes in equal rights for all and that women's rights are indeed human rights. We're nearing the 100 year anniversary of gaining the right to vote (recognizing that only white women won that option at the time). This is pretty unbelievable that many of us were born with this right, but there was a time not too long ago that women of all races were not allowed to make their voice heard at the polls in this country. 

We'll always be eternally grateful for those suffragettes who stood up, took to the streets, and at times literally bled and fought for all of us to have this constitutional right.

There have been so many outstanding women in our history, too many to list in this brief blog post (future blog posts forthcoming!). But each time we come across a woman in history who made strides, broke barriers, or blazed a new path, we feel inspired and thankful for her contributions. We love seeing all the newly elected women in office, locally and nationally, because it does finally feel like diverse women's voices are being heard and that we're all being represented appropriately.

Let's hear it for all the kick ass women - past, present, and future!



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