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About Us

As of mid-2018, Hear Us Roar is under new ownership and we are proud to say that it's now 100% women-owned and operated

Our vision is to build a community of women warriors, activists, mentors, marchers, leaders, protestors, allies and more - anyone who believes in equality for all and the critical need for change in how women are viewed, valued, and treated across the globe. We aim to provide a visible voice to those who wish to be heard, do social good through charitable giving and empower women around the world.

HUR exists to advance the causes of equality and opportunity for all. We are committed to furthering a progressive and inclusive agenda in politics, society and beyond. We will not allow the ideologies of hate, racism, bigotry, homophobia, or misogyny to divide us. We will not succumb to the politics of fear nor the false constructs of hate. We will rise above as women have done with grit, grace & determination for centuries. And we will be the embodiment and personification of the hope we collectively embrace.

Hear Us Roar brings you products that beautifully express the power of unity and resistance in the cowardly face of bigotry, hatred, and inequality.

Join us in spreading the power of women uniting to make a difference...And support 2 female entrepreneurs in the process!! Roar with us!!


The Women of Hear Us Roar


 President & Co-Owner of Hear Us Roar

As an entrepreneur, JD's creativity, big ideas and commitment to quality products, great customer service, and giving back to the community have led to a track record of success. 

JD loves warm weather, good tunes, t-shirts and shorts, an awesome pair of shoes, a cold glass of rose or whiskey and her chihuahuas. 

Favorite Role Model: Mariska Hargitay  (aka Olivia Benson, Law & Order SVU)

Best Badass Fictional Character:         All The Golden Girls

Vice President & Co-Owner of Hear Us Roar

After many years working in media and community outreach, LK is thrilled to build HUR as an inclusive and powerful shop and community for women. 

LK loves old movies, Netflix & her DVR, a pop of color, baking, a lingering sunset, ice wine, and her three elderly chihuahuas.

Favorite Role Model: Sarah Breedlove (Known as Madam C.J. Walker)

Best Badass Fictional Character: Wonder Woman